Code example for Locale

Methods: getDisplayLanguage

    public void test_tl() throws Exception { 
        // In jb-mr1, we had a last-minute hack to always return "Filipino" because 
        // icu4c 4.8 didn't have any localizations for fil. (http://b/7291355) 
        Locale tl = new Locale("tl");
        Locale tl_PH = new Locale("tl", "PH");
        assertEquals("Filipino", tl.getDisplayLanguage(Locale.ENGLISH));
        assertEquals("Filipino", tl_PH.getDisplayLanguage(Locale.ENGLISH));
        assertEquals("Filipino", tl.getDisplayLanguage(tl));
        assertEquals("Filipino", tl_PH.getDisplayLanguage(tl_PH));
        // After the icu4c 4.9 upgrade, we could localize "fil" correctly, though we 
        // needed another hack to supply "fil" instead of "tl" to icu4c. (http://b/8023288) 
        Locale es_MX = new Locale("es", "MX");
        assertEquals("filipino", tl.getDisplayLanguage(es_MX));
        assertEquals("filipino", tl_PH.getDisplayLanguage(es_MX));
    // http://b/3452611; Locale.getDisplayLanguage fails for the obsolete language codes. 
    public void test_getDisplayName_obsolete() throws Exception { 
        // he (new) -> iw (obsolete)