Code example for Locale

Methods: toString

			throw new IllegalArgumentException("one argument language is required");
		// Use the TiConvert methods to get the values from the arguments 
		String language = TiConvert.toString(args[kArgLanguage]);		
		_currentLocale= new Locale(language);
		CommonHelpers.DebugLog("Locale is now " + _currentLocale.toString());
	public boolean reverseGeoIsSupported(){		 
		return CommonHelpers.reverseGeoSupported(); 
	private HashMap<String, Object> FindAddress(double latitude, double longitude,String providerName){
	      Geocoder geocoder = new Geocoder(TiApplication.getInstance().getApplicationContext(), _currentLocale);   
	      try {             
	    	  List<Address> list = geocoder.getFromLocation(latitude,longitude,1);