Code example for EditTextPreference

Methods: setDialogTitlegetEditText

		public void AddPassword(String Key, final String Title, final String Summary, final String DefaultValue, final String Dependency) {
			childs.add(new B4APreference(Key, Title, Summary, DefaultValue, Dependency) {
				Preference createPreference(PreferenceActivity c) {
					EditTextPreference e = new EditTextPreference(c);
					EditText et = e.getEditText();
					et.setTransformationMethod(new PasswordTransformationMethod());
					return e;
		 * Adds a secondary PreferenceScreen. When the user presses on this entry the second screen will appear. 
		 *PreferenceScreen - The screen to add. 
		 *Dependency - A key of a preference this preference entry depends on.