Code example for AbstractHttpClient

Methods: getParams

     *            how many threads you think may at once access the cache; this need not be an exact 
     *            number, but it helps in fragmenting the cache properly 
     * @param diskCacheStorageDevice 
     *            where files should be cached persistently ( 
     *            {@link AbstractCache#DISK_CACHE_INTERNAL}, {@link AbstractCache#DISK_CACHE_SDCARD} 
     *            ) 
     * @see HttpResponseCache 
    public void enableResponseCache(Context context, int initialCapacity, long expirationInMinutes,
            int maxConcurrentThreads, int diskCacheStorageDevice) {
        enableResponseCache(initialCapacity, expirationInMinutes, maxConcurrentThreads);
        responseCache.enableDiskCache(context, diskCacheStorageDevice);
     * Disables caching of HTTP responses. You may also choose to wipe any files that may have been 
     * written to disk. 
    public void disableResponseCache(boolean wipe) {
        if (responseCache != null && wipe) {