Code example for Point

Methods: getSize

	public TYPE type = TYPE.MOVIE;
	public String title, tagline, overview, url, id, idType;
	public HashMap<String, String> images;
	public int rating;
	public RATING my_rating = RATING.NOT_RATED;
	public boolean in_collection, in_watchlist, watched;
	public TraktItemExtra extra = null;
	public static TraktItem fromEpisodeJSON(JSONObject jo) throws JSONException{
		TraktItem ti = new TraktItem(); = jo.optString("episode");
		ti.title = + " - " +  jo.optString("title");
		ti.images = new HashMap<String, String>();
		JSONObject im = jo.getJSONObject("images");
		Iterator<String> key = im.keys();
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