Code example for MediaScannerConnection

Methods: connect

	private MediaScannerNotifier(Context context, Handler handler, String path,
			String mimeType, MediaScannerNotifierListener callback) {
		mContext = context;
		mPath = path;
		mMimeType = mimeType;
		mConnection = new MediaScannerConnection(mContext, this);
		mHandler = handler;
		mCallback = callback;
	 * Run the MediaScanner using an image file path 
	 * @param context 
	 * @param handler: any new handler will suffice 
	 * @param filePath 
	 * @param callback to see when the image is ready, optional 
	 * @return the MediaScannerNotifier object 
	public static MediaScannerNotifier run(Context context, Handler handler,