Code example for ImageSwitcher

Methods: setImageURI

	 *            String of a content uri to an image resource 
	protected void changeLogoImageUri(final String logoString) {
		Uri imageDescriptionUri = Uri.parse(logoString);
		if (imageDescriptionUri != null) {
		} else { // Not a uri, so invalid. 
			throw new IllegalArgumentException("Not a valid image.");
	 * Change the logo image using the resource name and package. 
	 * @param resourceFileName 
	 *            String of the name of the image resource (as you would append 
	 *            it after "R.drawable."). 
	 * @param resourcePackageName 
	 *            String of the name of the source package of the image resource 
	 *            (the package name of the calling app).