Code example for FileReader

  protected CompilationResult compile(File lessFile, File cssOutput) throws Less4jException {
    try { 
      String less = IOUtils.toString(new FileReader(lessFile));
      LessCompiler compiler = getCompiler();
      Configuration configuration = createConfiguration(cssOutput);
      CompilationResult actual = compiler.compile(new StringSource(less), configuration);
      return actual;
    } catch (IOException ex) {
      throw new RuntimeException("Can not read less file " + lessFile.getName(), ex);
  protected void assertSourceMapValid(CompilationResult actual) {
    //source map: turned off the test. Source map is incorrect when original less file name is unknown and source map validator is not ready for that.  
    //It would be much better, if I would add less as "source content" property in that case, but it is not done as of now.   
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