Code example for LinkedHashSet

Methods: addAll

	 * Returns a {@link Set} of {@link IResource} instances that need to be rebuild in the context of the current 
	 * <code>resource</code> and <code>kind</code> 
	public Set<IResource> getAffectedResources(IResource resource, int kind, int deltaKind) throws CoreException { 
		Set<IResource> resources = new LinkedHashSet<IResource>(); 
		if (resource instanceof IFile) { 
			resources.addAll(AopReferenceModelUtils.getAffectedFiles(kind, deltaKind, resource, context)); 
		return resources; 
	 * Starts creation of AOP reference model by passing the Set of affectedResources on to a new instance of 
	 * {@link AopReferenceModelBuilderJob}. 
	public void build(Set<IResource> affectedResources, int kind, IProgressMonitor monitor) throws CoreException { 
		if (affectedResources.size() > 0) { 
			IProject project = context.get(IProject.class);