Code example for ProtocolVersion

    private static final byte[] EMPTY_BODY = new byte[0];
    private static final String TAG = "GB.OtrDataHandler";
    private static final ProtocolVersion PROTOCOL_VERSION = new ProtocolVersion("HTTP", 1, 1);
    private static HttpParams params = new BasicHttpParams();
    private static HttpRequestFactory requestFactory = new MyHttpRequestFactory();
    private static HttpResponseFactory responseFactory = new DefaultHttpResponseFactory();
    private LineParser lineParser = new BasicLineParser(PROTOCOL_VERSION);
    private LineFormatter lineFormatter = new BasicLineFormatter();
    private ChatSession mChatSession;
    private DataListener mDataListener;
    public OtrDataHandler(ChatSession chatSession, DataListener dataListener) {
        this.mChatSession = chatSession;
        this.mDataListener = dataListener;
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