Code example for HttpService

Methods: setHandlerResolversetParams

            // Set up request handlers 
            HttpRequestHandlerRegistry reqistry = new HttpRequestHandlerRegistry();
            reqistry.register("*", new HttpFileHandler(docroot));
            // Set up the HTTP service 
            this.httpService = new HttpService(httpproc, new NoConnectionReuseStrategy(), new DefaultHttpResponseFactory());
        public void run() { 
            System.out.println("Listening on port " + this.serversocket.getLocalPort());
            System.out.println("Point your browser to http://localhost:8088/test/test.html");
            while (!Thread.interrupted()) {
                try { 
                    // Set up HTTP connection 
                    Socket socket = this.serversocket.accept();
                    DefaultHttpServerConnection conn = new DefaultHttpServerConnection();
                    System.out.println("Incoming connection from " + socket.getInetAddress());
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