Code example for AudioTrack

Methods: getPlayStategetStateplayreleasesetPlaybackHeadPositionstopwrite

        final int TEST_MODE = AudioTrack.MODE_STREAM;
        final int TEST_STREAM_TYPE = AudioManager.STREAM_MUSIC;
        //-------- initialization -------------- 
        int minBuffSize = AudioTrack.getMinBufferSize(TEST_SR, TEST_CONF, TEST_FORMAT);
        AudioTrack track = new AudioTrack(TEST_STREAM_TYPE, TEST_SR, TEST_CONF, TEST_FORMAT, 
                2*minBuffSize, TEST_MODE);
        byte data[] = new byte[minBuffSize];
        // make up a frame index that's beyond what has been written: go from buffer size to frame 
        //   count (given the audio track properties), and add 77. 
        int frameIndexTooFar = (2*minBuffSize/2) + 77;
        //--------    test        -------------- 
        assumeTrue(TEST_NAME, track.getState() == AudioTrack.STATE_INITIALIZED);
        track.write(data, 0, data.length);
        track.write(data, 0, data.length);;
        assumeTrue(TEST_NAME, track.getPlayState() == AudioTrack.PLAYSTATE_STOPPED);
        assertTrue(TEST_NAME, track.setPlaybackHeadPosition(frameIndexTooFar) == AudioTrack.ERROR_BAD_VALUE);
        //-------- tear down      -------------- 
    //Test case 5: setLoopPoints() fails for MODE_STREAM 
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