Code example for DataInputStream

Methods: readLine

		 * the shows that Electric Flurry will play at for before 
		 * and after the show*/ 
		try { 
			URL url = new URL(fqUrl);
			InputStream conn = url.openStream();
			DataInputStream stream = new DataInputStream(new BufferedInputStream(conn));
			firstThing = stream.readLine();
			try { 
				JSONObject jsonObj = new JSONObject(firstThing);
				jsonObj = jsonObj.getJSONObject("response");
				JSONArray venues = jsonObj.getJSONArray("venues");
				JSONObject oneVenue = venues.getJSONObject(0);
				firstThing = oneVenue.getString("name");
			catch(JSONException e) {
				Log.d("Foursquare", "JSON issue", e);
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