Code example for List

Methods: getsize

        List<Object> result = p.syncAndReturnAll();
        assertEquals(new Long(-1), r1.get());
        assertEquals(new Long(-3), r2.get());
        assertEquals(4, result.size());
        assertEquals("OK", result.get(0));
        assertEquals("QUEUED", result.get(1));
        assertEquals("QUEUED", result.get(2));
        //4th result is a list with the results from the multi 
		List<Object> multiResult = (List<Object>) result.get(3);
        assertEquals(new Long(-1), multiResult.get(0));
        assertEquals(new Long(-3), multiResult.get(1));
        assertEquals(new Long(-1), r3.get().get(0));
        assertEquals(new Long(-3), r3.get().get(1));
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