Code example for LinkedHashMap

Methods: keySetsize

    return queries.get(name);
  public String[] getQueryNames()
    return queries.keySet().toArray(new String[queries.size()]);
   * Queries a datasource. The string 'query' defines the name of the query. The Parameterset given here may contain 
   * more data than actually needed for the query. 
   * <p/> 
   * The parameter-dataset may change between two calls, do not assume anything, and do not hold references to the 
   * parameter-dataset or the position of the columns in the dataset. 
   * @param query      the query string 
   * @param parameters the parameters for the query 
   * @return the result of the query as table model. 
   * @throws ReportDataFactoryException if an error occured while performing the query.