Code example for LinkedHashMap

Methods: put

    public void putDependency(Operator<? extends Serializable> op,
        ColumnInfo col, Dependency dep) {
      LinkedHashMap<ColumnInfo, Dependency> colMap = depMap.get(op);
      if (colMap == null) {
        colMap = new LinkedHashMap<ColumnInfo, Dependency>();
        depMap.put(op, colMap);
      colMap.put(col, dep);
     * Merges the new dependencies in dep to the existing dependencies 
     * of (op, ci). 
     * @param op The operator of the column whose dependency is being modified. 
     * @param ci The column info of the associated column. 
     * @param dependency The new dependency. 
    public void mergeDependency(Operator<? extends Serializable> op,