Code example for HashSet

Methods: size

        private void initKeys() 
        throws TemplateModelException 
            if (keys == null) {
                HashSet keySet = new HashSet();
                SimpleSequence keySeq = new SimpleSequence(32);
                addKeys(keySet, keySeq, (TemplateHashModelEx)this.left);
                addKeys(keySet, keySeq, (TemplateHashModelEx)this.right);
                size = keySet.size();
                keys = new CollectionAndSequence(keySeq);
        private static void addKeys(Set set, SimpleSequence keySeq, TemplateHashModelEx hash)
        throws TemplateModelException 
            TemplateModelIterator it = hash.keys().iterator();
            while (it.hasNext()) {
                TemplateScalarModel tsm = (TemplateScalarModel);
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