Code example for UserRecoverableAuthException

Methods: getIntent

        return null; 
      } catch (UserRecoverableAuthException userAuthEx) {
            // Start the user recoverable action using the intent returned by 
            // getIntent() 
            return null; 
      } catch (IOException transientEx) {
            // network or server error, the call is expected to succeed if you try again later. 
            // Don't attempt to call again immediately - the request is likely to 
            // fail, you'll hit quotas or back-off. 
            Log.e(TAG, "something is borked.", transientEx);
            return null; 
      } catch (GoogleAuthException authEx) {
            // Failure. The call is not expected to ever succeed so it should not be 
            // retried. 
            Log.e(TAG, "unrecoverable.", authEx);
            return null;