Code example for GoogleMap

Methods: getMaxZoomLevel

	 * This takes into account what map type is currently being used, e.g., satellite or  
	 * terrain may have a lower max zoom level than the base map tiles. 
	 * @return The maximum zoom level available at the current camera position. 
	public float getMaxZoomLevel(){ 
		return mGoogleMap.getMaxZoomLevel();
	 * Returns the minimum zoom level. This is the same for every location  
	 * (unlike the maximum zoom level) but may vary between devices and map sizes. 
	 * @return The minimum zoom level available. 
	public float getMinZoomLevel(){ 
		return mGoogleMap.getMinZoomLevel();
	 * Returns the currently displayed user location, or null if there is no location data available. 
	 * @return The currently displayed user location.