Code example for Map

Methods: size

    private void process(Params p) throws IOException {
        AsmAnalyzer aa = new AsmAnalyzer();
        Map<String, ClassReader> classes = aa.parseInputJar(p.getInputJarPath());
        Logger log = new Logger(p.isVerbose());"Classes loaded: %d", classes.size());
        aa.filter(classes, p.getFilter(), log);"Classes filtered: %d", classes.size());
        // dump as Java source files, mostly for debugging 
        if (p.isDumpSource()) {
            SourceGenerator src_gen = new SourceGenerator(log);
            File dst_src_dir = new File(p.getOutputJarPath() + "_sources");
            src_gen.generateSource(dst_src_dir, classes, p.getFilter());
        // dump the stubbed jar 
        StubGenerator stub_gen = new StubGenerator(log);
        File dst_jar = new File(p.getOutputJarPath());
        stub_gen.generateStubbedJar(dst_jar, classes, p.getFilter());
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