Code example for Path

Methods: computeBounds

public class GliphTab extends Gliph { 
    private static final float WEIGHT_NORMAL = 5f;
    private static final float WEIGHT_BOLD   = 10f;
    protected final void initialize(Path path, boolean bold) {
        float h=20f, w=120f;
        float b = bold ? WEIGHT_BOLD : WEIGHT_NORMAL;
        path.moveTo(   0f,   0f);
        path.lineTo( -60f,   -h);
        path.lineTo( -60f, -b/2);
        path.lineTo( -w-b, -b/2);
        path.lineTo( -w-b,  b/2);
        path.lineTo( -60f,  b/2);
        path.lineTo( -60f,    h);
        path.moveTo(   0f,  0f);
        path.lineTo(   0f,  -h);
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