Code example for SocketChannel

Methods: socket

	private SocketAddress remoteAddr; 
	private int remotePort; 
	private SSLSession sslSession; 
	protected Context(SocketChannel channel, SSLSession sslSession) { 
		if (channel != null && channel.socket() != null) { 
			this.remoteAddr = channel.socket().getRemoteSocketAddress(); 
			this.remotePort = channel.socket().getPort(); 
		this.sslSession = sslSession; 
	 * Get the SSL session the requested was delivered over. 
	 * <p> 
	 * If no SSL session exists (for example, if HTTP is used) this 
	 * parameter will be <code>null</code>. 
	 * @return 
	 * 	An {@link SSLSession} instance or <code>null</code> 
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