Code example for Camera

Methods: getMatrixrestorerotateYsavetranslate

   * @param imageView ImageView the ImageView whose bitmap we want to rotate 
   * @param t transformation 
   * @param rotationAngle the Angle by which to rotate the Bitmap 
  private void transformImageBitmap(final View child, final Transformation t, final int rotationAngle) {;
    final Matrix imageMatrix = t.getMatrix();
    final int imageHeight = child.getWidth();
    final int imageWidth = child.getHeight();
    final int rotation = Math.min(Math.abs(rotationAngle), mMaxRotationAngle);
    //As the angle of the view gets less, zoom in 
    mCamera.translate(0.0f, 0.0f, rotation * zoomFactor);
    imageMatrix.preTranslate(-(imageWidth / 2), -(imageHeight / 2));
    imageMatrix.postTranslate((imageWidth / 2), (imageHeight / 2));
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