Code example for BigDecimal

Methods: add

            + "445,896,331,617,118,664,246,696,549,595,652,408,289,446,337,476," 
            + "354,361,838,599,762,500,808,052,368,249,716,736"; 
        Number number = form.parse(doubleMax2, new ParsePosition(0));
        assertTrue(number instanceof BigDecimal);
        BigDecimal result = (BigDecimal)number;
        assertEquals(new BigDecimal(Double.MAX_VALUE).add(new BigDecimal(
                Double.MAX_VALUE)), result);
    // AndroidOnly: Difference to RI 
    public void test_getMaximumIntegerDigits_AndroidOnly() { 
        final int maxIntDigit = 309;
        // When use default locale, in this case zh_CN 
        // the returned instance of NumberFormat is a DecimalFormat 
        DecimalFormat form = new DecimalFormat("00.###E0");
        NumberFormat nform = DecimalFormat.getInstance(Locale.US);
        nform = DecimalFormat.getInstance(Locale.US);
        form = null;
        if (nform instanceof DecimalFormat) {
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