Code example for EGL10

Methods: eglGetCurrentContexteglGetError

            throw new RuntimeException(function + " failed: " + mEgl.eglGetError());
        /** Checks to see if the current context is valid.  **/ 
        public boolean verifyContext() { 
                EGLContext currentContext = mEgl.eglGetCurrentContext();
                        return currentContext != EGL10.EGL_NO_CONTEXT && mEgl.eglGetError() != EGL11.EGL_CONTEXT_LOST;
        EGL10 mEgl;
        EGLDisplay mEglDisplay;
        EGLSurface mEglSurface;
        EGLConfig mEglConfig;
        EGLContext mEglContext;
     * A generic GL Thread. Takes care of initializing EGL and GL. Delegates 
     * to a Renderer instance to do the actual drawing. Can be configured to 
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