Code example for BasicHttpParams

  private String userAgent = null;
  private final DiskBackedByteStore requestBuffer_;
  private InputStream inputStream_ = null;
  private Map<String, String> customHeaders_ = null;
  private HttpRequestBase request = null;
  private HttpParams httpParameters = new BasicHttpParams();
   * Create a new TAndroidHttpClient. 
   * @param url The Thrift server URL, for example, 
   * @param userAgent The User-Agent string to send, which should identify the 
   * client application. 
   * @param tempPath A temp directory where Thrift messages should be cached  
   * before they're sent. 
   * @throws TTransportException If an error occurs creating the temporary 
   * file that will be used to cache Thrift messages to disk before sending. 
  public TAndroidHttpClient(String url, String userAgent, File tempDir)