Code example for File

Methods: getName

	public void run() 
		output("Exporting to " + exportDir.getName() + " folder"); 
		output("getting dump..."); 
		HashMap<String, Object> map = SqlHelper.dump(); 
		output("dump complete."); 
		// make placeholder objects... 
		Object obj1, obj2, obj3; 
		output("Saving Permissions"); 
		obj1 = map.get("playerPerms"); 
		obj2 = map.get("groupPerms"); 
		FlatFilePermissions permissions = new FlatFilePermissions(exportDir);<PermissionHolder>) obj1, (ArrayList<PermissionHolder>) obj2); 
		output("Saving Permission Properties"); 
		obj1 = map.get("playerPermProps"); 
		obj2 = map.get("groupPermProps"); 
		FlatFilePermProps permProps = new FlatFilePermProps(exportDir);<PermissionPropHolder>) obj1, (ArrayList<PermissionPropHolder>) obj2); 
		output("Saving Groups"); 
		obj1 = map.get("groups"); 
		obj2 = map.get("ladders"); 
		obj3 = map.get("groupConnectors"); 
		FlatFileGroups groups = new FlatFileGroups(exportDir);<Group>) obj1, (ArrayList<PromotionLadder>) obj2, (HashMap<String, HashMap<String, ArrayList<String>>>) obj3); 
		output("Saving Players"); 
		obj1 = map.get("players"); 
		FlatFilePlayers players = new FlatFilePlayers(exportDir);<String>) obj1); 
		output("Export Complete"); 
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