Code example for Matcher

Methods: findgroupgroupCount

  private static final Pattern dbi = Pattern.compile("oauth_token_secret=([^&]*)");
  private static String a(String paramString, Pattern paramPattern)
    Matcher localMatcher = paramPattern.matcher(paramString);
    if ((localMatcher.find()) && (localMatcher.groupCount() > 0))
      return c.decode(;
    throw new b("Response body is incorrect. Can't extract token and secret from this: '" + paramString + "'", null);
  public final i vW(String paramString)
    d.aI(paramString, "Response body is incorrect. Can't extract a token from an empty string");
    return new i(a(paramString, dbh), a(paramString, dbi), paramString);
/* Location:           /home/danghvu/0day/WeChat/WeChat_4.5_dex2jar.jar 
 * Qualified Name:     b.a.c.g 
 * JD-Core Version:    0.6.2 
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