Code example for Properties

Methods: clearisEmptygetPropertyload

    /** Load state from persistent file. Expects sSourcesProperties to be synchronized. */ 
    private void loadLocked() { 
        // Load state from persistent file 
        if (loadProperties()) { 
            // If it lacks our magic version key, don't use it 
            if (sSourcesProperties.getProperty(KEY_VERSION) == null) {
            sModified = false;
        if (sSourcesProperties.isEmpty()) {
            // Nothing was loaded. Initialize the storage with a version 
            // identified. This isn't currently checked back, but we might 
            // want it later if we decide to change the way this works. 
            // The version key is choosen on purpose to not match any valid URL. 
            sSourcesProperties.setProperty(KEY_VERSION, "1"); //$NON-NLS-1$ //$NON-NLS-2$
     * Load properties from default file. Extracted so that it can be mocked in tests. 
     * @return True if actually loaded the file. False if there was an IO error or no 
     *   file and nothing was loaded. 
    protected boolean loadProperties() { 
        try { 
            String folder = AndroidLocation.getFolder();
            File f = new File(folder, SRC_FILENAME);
            if (f.exists()) {
                FileInputStream fis = null;
                try { 
                    fis = new FileInputStream(f);
                } catch (IOException ignore) {
                    // nop 
                } finally { 
                    if (fis != null) {
                        try { 
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