Code example for NumberPicker

Methods: setDisplayedValuessetMaxValuesetMinValue

     * @param dayOfMonth The initial day of the month. 
     * @param onDateChangedListener How user is notified date is changed by user, can be null. 
    public void init(int min, int max, int step, int frequency,
            OnFrequencyChangedListener onFrequencyChangedListener) {
            mMin = min;
            mMax = max;
            mStep = step;
        mFrequency = frequency;
        mOnFrequencyChangedListener = onFrequencyChangedListener;
    private void updateSpinnerRange() { 
        String[] khzStrings = getKHzStrings(mMin, mStep);
        int khzNumSteps = getKHzCount(mStep);
        if (mMHzPicker != null) {