Code example for Vector

Methods: containssize

        // chooser (unless a capture parameter has been specified, in which case 
        // we'll try to satisfy that first. 
        // TODO(benm): Investigate having an Intent per accept type, and combining 
        // them together in the final chooser we send to the system. This should 
        // allow us to honor multiple accept types better. 
        return mFileTypes.size() != 1 || mFileTypes.contains(ANY_TYPES);
    public boolean shouldShowImageTypes() { 
        return noSpecificType() || mFileTypes.contains(IMAGE_TYPES);
    public boolean shouldShowVideoTypes() { 
        return noSpecificType() || mFileTypes.contains(VIDEO_TYPES);
    public boolean shouldShowAudioTypes() { 
        return noSpecificType() || mFileTypes.contains(AUDIO_TYPES);
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