Code example for AccessControlException

    	// TODO: check difference between DeviceCertHash and Certificate Chain (EndEntityCertHash, IntermediateCertHash (1..n), RootCertHash) 
    	// The DeviceCertificate is equal to the EndEntityCertificate. 
    	// The android systems seems always to deliver only the EndEntityCertificate, but this seems not to be sure. 
    	// thats why we implement the whole chain. 
    	AID_REF_DO aid_ref_do = null;
    	Hash_REF_DO hash_ref_do = null;
    	AR_DO ar_do = null;
        REF_DO ref_do = null;
        // build-up hash map key as specific as possible. 
        REF_DO ref_do_key = null;
		try { 
	        ref_do_key = this.buildHashMapKey(aid, AccessController.getAppCertHash(appCerts[0]));
		} catch (CertificateEncodingException e1) {
			throw new AccessControlException("Problem with App Certificate.");
    	// Search Rule A ( Certificate(s); AID )