Code example for IntentSender.SendIntentException

Methods: printStackTrace

		if (connectionResult.hasResolution()) {
			try { 
				connectionResult.startResolutionForResult(this, CONNECTION_FAILURE_RESOLUTION_REQUEST);
			} catch (SendIntentException e) {
		} else { 
			// Get the error code 
			int errorCode = connectionResult.getErrorCode();
			// Get the error dialog from Google Play services 
			Dialog errorDialog = GooglePlayServicesUtil.getErrorDialog(errorCode, this, CONNECTION_FAILURE_RESOLUTION_REQUEST);
			// If Google Play services can provide an error dialog 
			if (errorDialog != null) {
				// Create a new DialogFragment for the error dialog 
				ErrorDialogFragment errorFragment = new ErrorDialogFragment();
				// Set the dialog in the DialogFragment 
				// Show the error dialog in the DialogFragment, "Geofence Detection");
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