Code example for Connection

Methods: prepareStatement

   Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection(protocol + dbName, username, password);
   PreparedStatement query;
   public int setUpAndExecPS(){ 
      query = conn.prepareStatement(
            "UPDATE players SET name = ?, score = ?, active = ? WHERE jerseyNum = ?"); 
      query.setString(1, "Smith, Steve");//automatically sanitizes and adds quotes
      query.setInt(2, 42);
      query.setBoolean(3, true);
      query.setInt(4, 99);
      //there are similar methods for other SQL types in PerparedStatement 
      return query.executeUpdate();//returns the number of rows changed
      //PreparedStatement.executeQuery() will return a java.sql.ResultSet, 
      //execute() will simply return a boolean saying whether it succeeded or not