Code example for PendingIntent

Methods: send

        } else { 
            // This is on Android version 1.6. The in-app buy page activity must be on its 
            // own separate activity stack instead of on the activity stack of 
            // the application. 
            try { 
                pendingIntent.send(mActivity, 0 /* code */, intent);
            } catch (CanceledException e) {
                Log.e(TAG, "error starting activity", e);
     * Updates the UI after the database has been updated.  This method runs 
     * in a background thread so it has to post a Runnable to run on the UI 
     * thread. 
     * @param purchaseState the purchase state of the item 
     * @param itemId a string identifying the item 
     * @param quantity the quantity of items in this purchase