Code example for PendingIntent

Methods: send

		// This is on Android 1.6. The in-app checkout page activity will be on its 
	    // own separate activity stack instead of on the activity stack of 
	    // the application. 
		try { 
			pendingIntent.send(context, 0, intent);			
		} catch (CanceledException e){
			Log.e(TAG, "startBuyPageActivity CanceledException");
	public static void verifyPurchase(String signedData, String signature) {
		ArrayList<VerifiedPurchase> purchases = BillingSecurity.verifyPurchase(signedData, signature);
		if(purchases.size() > 0)
			latestPurchase = purchases.get(0);
			confirmTransaction(new String[]{latestPurchase.notificationId});
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