Code example for PrintWriter

Methods: flushprintln

	 * prints known commands and usage information for them 
	protected void help() { 
				"\t"+"help || ? - this help message"+"\n"+ 
				"\t"+"login <username> <password> - login into MyShows"+"\n"+ 
				"\t"+"logout - logout from MyShows"+"\n"+ 
				"\t"+"exit - exit from shell"+"\n"+ 
				"\t"+"ls [$showId] [seen] [next] [unwatched] - list shows/episodes"+"\n"+ 
				"\t"+"check <$episodeId> [$raio] - mark show/episode as seen [with ratio]"+"\n"+ 
				"\t"+"uncheck <$episodeId> - mark show/eisode as unseen"+"\n"+ 
				"\t"+"sst <$showId> <$status> - set show status $status is one of (watching, later, cancelled, remove)"+"\n"+ 
				"\t"+"ser <$episodeId> <$ratio> - set episode ratio"+"\n"+ 
				"\t"+"fav <$episodeId> <add|rm> - add/remove episode to favorites"+"\n"+ 
				"\t"+"git - list ignored episodes"+"\n"+ 
				"\t"+"ignored <$episodeId> <add|rm> - add/remove episode to ignored"+"\n"+ 
				"\t"+"news - list friends updates" 
	 * calls <code>login()</code> @ API 
	 * @param _args string, contains user account info (username and password),