Code example for Bundle

Methods: putParcelable

    public Intent getIntent() {
        Intent superIntent = super.getIntent();
        String startingFragment = getStartingFragmentClass(superIntent);
        // This is called from super.onCreate, isMultiPane() is not yet reliable 
        // Do not use onIsHidingHeaders either, which relies itself on this method 
        if (startingFragment != null && !onIsMultiPane()) {
            Intent modIntent = new Intent(superIntent);
            modIntent.putExtra(EXTRA_SHOW_FRAGMENT, startingFragment);
            Bundle args = superIntent.getExtras();
            if (args != null) {
                args = new Bundle(args);
            } else { 
                args = new Bundle();
            args.putParcelable("intent", superIntent);
            modIntent.putExtra(EXTRA_SHOW_FRAGMENT_ARGUMENTS, superIntent.getExtras());
            return modIntent;
        return superIntent;
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