Code example for List

Methods: getsizesubList

import er.chronic.utils.Token; 
public class SyHandler implements IHandler { 
  public Span handle(List<Token> tokens, Options options) {
    int year = tokens.get(0).getTag(ScalarYear.class).getType().intValue();
    Span span;
    try { 
      Calendar dayStart = Time.construct(year, 1, 1);
      List<Token> timeTokens = tokens.subList(1, tokens.size());
      span = Handler.dayOrTime(dayStart, timeTokens, options);
      // make the year span last a year rather than a day 
      if (!options.isGuess()) {
        Calendar beginCalendar = span.getBeginCalendar();
        span = new Span(beginCalendar, Time.cloneAndAdd(beginCalendar, Calendar.YEAR, 1));
    } catch (IllegalArgumentException e) {
      if (options.isDebug()) {
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