Code example for SortedSet

Methods: size

        AdelLer ler = loadAdelLer(REC_SPECIFIC_ADELLER);
        ExposureInfo info = new ExposureInfo(ler, key);
        String waferId = "Carrier 3.1";
        String reticleId = "45566541N001";
        SortedSet<String> images = info.getAssignedImages(waferId, reticleId);
        Assert.assertEquals(7, images.size());
    public void testGetReticles() { 
        KeyAdelLer key = new KeyAdelLer();
        AdelLer adel = loadAdelLer(REC_SPECIFIC_ADELLER);
        ExposureInfo info = new ExposureInfo(adel, key);
        String waferId = "Carrier 3.1";
        List<String> actual = new ArrayList<String>(info.getReticles(waferId));
        Assert.assertEquals(Arrays.asList("45566541N001", "45566541N030"), actual);
    private AdelLer loadAdelLer(String name) {
        URL url = AdelLerTest.class.getResource(name);
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