Code example for BigInteger

Methods: modPow

   public DSAKeyPairGenerator() {} 
   private static BigInteger calculatePublicKey(BigInteger var0, BigInteger var1, BigInteger var2) {
      return var1.modPow(var2, var0);
   private static BigInteger generatePrivateKey(BigInteger var0, SecureRandom var1) {
      BigInteger var2 = ONE;
      BigInteger var3 = ONE;
      BigInteger var4 = var0.subtract(var3);
      return BigIntegers.createRandomInRange(var2, var4, var1);
   public AsymmetricCipherKeyPair generateKeyPair() { 
      DSAParameters var1 = this.param.getParameters();
      BigInteger var2 = var1.getQ();
      SecureRandom var3 = this.param.getRandom();
      BigInteger var4 = generatePrivateKey(var2, var3);
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