Code example for GridView

Methods: setEmptyView

        if (mStandardEmptyView == null) {
            throw new IllegalStateException("Can't be used with a custom content view");
        if (mEmptyText == null) {
        mEmptyText = text;
     * Control whether the grid is being displayed.  You can make it not 
     * displayed if you are waiting for the initial data to show in it.  During 
     * this time an indeterminant progress indicator will be shown instead. 
     * <p/> 
     * <p>Applications do not normally need to use this themselves.  The default 
     * behavior of SherlockGridFragment is to start with the grid not being shown, only 
     * showing it once an adapter is given with {@link #setGridAdapter(android.widget.ListAdapter)}. 
     * If the grid at that point had not been shown, when it does get shown 
     * it will be do without the user ever seeing the hidden state.