Package org.apache.http.message

 The first line of an HttpRequest. It contains the method, URI, and HTTP version of the request. For details, see RFC 2616. API Doc
 Basic implementation of an HTTP message that can be modified. API Doc
 Basic implementation for parsing header values into elements. Instances of this class are stateless and thread-safe. Derived classes are expected… API Doc
 Basic implementation of a request with an entity that can be modified. API Doc
 Basic implementation of an HTTP request that can be modified. API Doc
 A class for combining a set of headers. This class allows for multiple headers with the same name and keeps track of the order in which headers… API Doc
 Interface for parsing lines in the HEAD section of an HTTP message. There are individual methods for parsing a request line, a status line, or a… API Doc
 This class represents a context of a parsing operation: the current position the parsing operation is expected to start at the bounds… API Doc
 This class represents a raw HTTP header whose content is parsed 'on demand' only when the header value needs to be consumed. API Doc
 Represents an HTTP header field. The HTTP header fields follow the same generic format as that given in Section 3.1 of RFC 822. Each header… API Doc
 Basic implementation of an HTTP response that can be modified. This implementation makes sure that there always is a status line. API Doc
 A simple class encapsulating an attribute/value pair. This class comforms to the generic grammar and formatting rules outlined in the Section… API Doc
 Represents a status line as returned from a HTTP server. See RFC2616 section 6.1. This class is immutable and therefore inherently thread safe. API Doc

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