Package org.apache.http

 A type-safe iterator for Header objects. API Doc
 An HTTP connection for use on the client side. It is used for sending requests and receiving responses. API Doc
 A factory for HttpResponse objects. API Doc
 An HTTP connection for use on the server side. Requests are received, responses are sent. API Doc
 Signals that an HTTP protocol violation has occurred. For example a malformed status line or headers, a missing message body, etc. API Doc
 A request with an entity. API Doc
 A generic HTTP message. Holds what is common between requests and responses. API Doc
 Represents an HTTP version, as specified in RFC 2616. API Doc
 Indicates a parse error. Parse errors when receiving a message will typically trigger ProtocolException. Parse errors that do not occur during … API Doc
 The first line of an HttpRequest. It contains the method, URI, and HTTP version of the request. For details, see RFC 2616. API Doc
 Indicates an unsupported version of the HTTP protocol. API Doc
 Indicates that a connection has been closed. API Doc
 Interface for deciding whether a connection should be kept alive. API Doc
 Processes a request. Provides the ability to process a request before it is sent to the server or after it has received on the server side. API Doc
 Signals a malformed chunked stream.  API Doc
 Indicates that an HTTP method is not supported. API Doc
  Signals that the target server failed to respond with a valid HTTP response.  API Doc
 Represents an HTTP header field. The HTTP header fields follow the same generic format as that given in Section 3.1 of RFC 822. Each header… API Doc
 One element of an HTTP header value. API Doc
 An entity that can be sent or received with an HTTP message. Entities can be found in some requests and in responses, where they are optional. … API Doc
 Signals that an HTTP exception has occurred. API Doc
 Holds all of the variables needed to describe an HTTP connection to a host. This includes remote host name, port and scheme. API Doc
 An HTTP request. API Doc
 A factory for HttpRequest objects. API Doc
 An HTTP response. API Doc
 A simple class encapsulating an attribute/value pair. This class comforms to the generic grammar and formatting rules outlined in the Section… API Doc
 Represents a protocol version, as specified in RFC 2616. RFC 2616 specifies only HTTP versions, like "HTTP/1.1" and "HTTP/1.0". RFC 3261 specifies… API Doc
 Represents a status line as returned from a HTTP server. See RFC2616, section 6.1. Implementations are expected to be thread safe. API Doc
 Processes a response. Provides the ability to process a response before it is sent to the client or after it has been received on the client side. API Doc