Package junit.framework

 A TestFailure collects a failed test together with the caught exception. API Doc
 A set of assert methods. Messages are only displayed when an assert fails.  API Doc
 Thrown when an assert equals for Strings failed. Inspired by a patch from Alex Chaffee  API Doc
 A Listener for test progress  API Doc
 Thrown when an assertion failed.  API Doc
 A TestResult collects the results of executing a test case. It is an instance of the Collecting Parameter pattern. The test framework… API Doc
 A Protectable can be run and can throw a Throwable. API Doc
 A Test can be run and collect its results. API Doc
 A test case defines the fixture to run multiple tests. To define a test case implement a subclass of TestCase define instance variables that… API Doc
 A TestSuite is a Composite of Tests. It runs a collection of test cases. Here is an example using the dynamic test definition. TestSuite suite=… API Doc

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