A data object that stores attributes of a field. This class is immutable; therefore, it can be safely shared across threads. API Doc
 A streaming parser that allows reading of multiple JsonElements from the specified reader asynchronously. This class is conditionally… API Doc
 This exception is raised when Gson attempts to read (or write) a malformed JSON element. API Doc
 This exception is raised if there is a serious issue that occurs during parsing of a Json string. One of the main usages for this class is for the… API Doc
 Context for serialization that is passed to a custom serializer during invocation of its serialize(Object, Type, JsonSerializationContext) method. API Doc
 This is the main class for using Gson. Gson is typically used by first constructing a Gson instance and then invoking toJson(Object) or… API Doc
 Use this builder to construct a Gson instance when you need to set configuration options other than the default. For Gson with default… API Doc
 A class representing an object type in Json. An object consists of name-value pairs where names are strings, and values are any other type of… API Doc
 A class representing a Json primitive value. A primitive value is either a String, a Java primitive, or a Java primitive wrapper type. API Doc
 A parser to parse Json into a parse tree of JsonElements API Doc
 A class representing an array type in Json. An array is a list of JsonElements each of which can be of a different type. This is an ordered list,… API Doc