Package android.webkit

 Public class for handling JavaScript prompt requests. The WebChromeClient will receive a onJsPrompt(WebView, String, String, String,… API Doc
 Sorts dates into the following groups: Today Yesterday seven days ago one month ago older than a month ago  API Doc
  This enum was deprecated in API level 14. Use setTextZoom(int) and getTextZoom() instead. Enum for specifying the text size. … API Doc
 Manages settings state for a WebView. When a WebView is first created, it obtains a set of default settings. These default settings will be… API Doc
 A View that displays web pages. This class is the basis upon which you can roll your own web browser or simply display some online content within… API Doc
 The CookieSyncManager is used to synchronize the browser cookie store between RAM and permanent storage. To get the best performance, browser… API Doc
 A convenience class for accessing fields in an entry in the back/forward list of a WebView. Each WebHistoryItem is a snapshot of the requested… API Doc
 Interface to listen for find results.  API Doc
 Public class representing a JavaScript console message from WebCore. This could be a issued by a call to one of the console logging functions… API Doc
 Manages the cookies used by an application's WebView instances. Cookies are manipulated according to RFC2109.  API Doc
 A callback interface used by the host application to set the Geolocation permission state for an origin.  API Doc
 Represents a request for HTTP authentication. Instances of this class are created by the WebView and passed to onReceivedHttpAuthRequest(WebView,… API Doc
 An instance of this class is passed as a parameter in various WebChromeClient action notifications. The object is used as a handle onto the… API Doc
 Two-way map that maps MIME-types to file extensions and vice versa. See also guessContentTypeFromName(String) and… API Doc
 Represents a request for handling an SSL error. Instances of this class are created by the WebView and passed to onReceivedSslError(WebView,… API Doc
 A callback interface used to provide values asynchronously.  API Doc
 This class contains the back/forward list for a WebView. WebView.copyBackForwardList() will return a copy of this class used to inspect the… API Doc
 A callback interface used by the host application to notify the current page that its custom view has been dismissed.  API Doc
 Encapsulates a resource response. Applications can return an instance of this class from shouldInterceptRequest(WebView, String) to provide a… API Doc
  This interface was deprecated in API level 19. This class is obsolete and no longer used. Encapsulates a callback function… API Doc

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