Package android.view

 Interface to let you add and remove child views to an Activity. To get an instance of this class, call Context.getSystemService().  API Doc
 Coordinates the timing of animations, input and drawing. The choreographer receives timing pulses (such as vertical synchronization) from the… API Doc
 The algorithm used for finding the next focusable view in a given direction from a view that currently has focus.  API Doc
 Detects various gestures and events using the supplied MotionEvents. The GestureDetector.OnGestureListener callback will notify users when a… API Doc
 Provides information about the range of values for a particular MotionEvent axis. API Doc
 Object used to report key and button events. Each key press is described by a sequence of key events. A key press starts with a key event with… API Doc
 Instantiates a layout XML file into its corresponding View objects. It is never used directly. Instead, use getLayoutInflater() or … API Doc
 Transfer object for pointer coordinates. Objects of this type can be used to specify the pointer coordinates when creating new MotionEvent… API Doc
 Transfer object for pointer properties. Objects of this type can be used to specify the pointer id and tool type when creating new MotionEvent… API Doc
 Object used to report movement (mouse, pen, finger, trackball) events. Motion events may hold either absolute or relative movements and other… API Doc
 Provides a dedicated drawing surface embedded inside of a view hierarchy. You can control the format of this surface and, if you like, its size;… API Doc
 Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when a view is clicked.  API Doc
  This class represents the basic building block for user interface components. A View occupies a rectangular area on the screen and is responsible… API Doc
  A ViewGroup is a special view that can contain other views (called children.) The view group is the base class for layouts and views containers.… API Doc
 Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when something in the view tree has been scrolled.  API Doc
 Exception thrown when a Canvas couldn't be locked with lockCanvas(Rect), or when a SurfaceTexture could not successfully be allocated.  API Doc
 Exception that is thrown when trying to add view whose WindowManager.LayoutParams token is invalid.  API Doc
 Represents a contextual mode of the user interface. Action modes can be used to provide alternative interaction modes and replace parts of the… API Doc
 An ActionProvider defines rich menu interaction in a single component. ActionProvider can generate action views for use in the action bar, … API Doc
 Extension of Menu for context menus providing functionality to modify the header of the context menu. Context menus do not support item… API Doc
 A ContextWrapper that allows you to modify the theme from what is in the wrapped context.  API Doc
 Provides information about the size and density of a logical display. The display area is described in two different ways. The application… API Doc
 Represents an event that is sent out by the system at various times during a drag and drop operation. It is a complex data structure that contains… API Doc
 The listener that is used to notify when a double-tap or a confirmed single-tap occur.  API Doc
 The listener that is used to notify when gestures occur. If you want to listen for all the different gestures then implement this interface. If… API Doc
 A convenience class to extend when you only want to listen for a subset of all the gestures. This implements all methods in the … API Doc
 This exception is thrown by an inflater on error conditions.  API Doc
 Common base class for input events.  API Doc
 Describes the keys provided by a keyboard device and their associated labels.  API Doc
 Interface for managing the items in a menu. By default, every Activity supports an options menu of actions or options. You can add items to this… API Doc
 This class is used to instantiate menu XML files into Menu objects. For performance reasons, menu inflation relies heavily on pre-processing of … API Doc
 Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when a menu item is clicked. API Doc
 Interface for direct access to a previously created menu item. An Item is returned by calling one of the add(int) methods. For a feature set… API Doc
 Detects scaling transformation gestures using the supplied MotionEvents. The ScaleGestureDetector.OnScaleGestureListener callback will notify users… API Doc
 Subclass of Menu for sub menus. Sub menus do not support item icons, or nested sub menus. Developer Guides For information about creating… API Doc
 Handle onto a raw buffer that is being managed by the screen compositor.  API Doc
 Abstract interface to someone holding a display surface. Allows you to control the surface size and format, edit the pixels in the surface, and … API Doc
 A TextureView can be used to display a content stream. Such a content stream can for instance be a video or an OpenGL scene. The content stream … API Doc
 Helper class to handle situations where you want a view to have a larger touch area than its actual view bounds. The view whose touch area is… API Doc
 Helper for tracking the velocity of touch events, for implementing flinging and other such gestures. Use obtain() to retrieve a new instance of… API Doc
 Creates an image that the system displays during the drag and drop operation. This is called a "drag shadow". The default implementation for a… API Doc
 Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when the focus state of a view changed.  API Doc
 Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when a hardware key event is dispatched to this view. The callback will be invoked before the key… API Doc
 Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when a view has been clicked and held.  API Doc
 Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when a touch event is dispatched to this view. The callback will be invoked before the touch … API Doc
 Contains methods to standard constants used in the UI for timeouts, sizes, and distances.  API Doc
 LayoutParams are used by views to tell their parents how they want to be laid out. See ViewGroup Layout Attributes for a list of all child view… API Doc
 Per-child layout information for layouts that support margins. See ViewGroup Margin Layout Attributes for a list of all child view attributes… API Doc
 Defines the responsibilities for a class that will be a parent of a View. This is the API that a view sees when it wants to interact with its… API Doc
 This class enables automatic and optimized animation of select properties on View objects. If only one or two properties on a View object are being… API Doc
 A ViewStub is an invisible, zero-sized View that can be used to lazily inflate layout resources at runtime. When a ViewStub is made visible, or… API Doc
 A view tree observer is used to register listeners that can be notified of global changes in the view tree. Such global events include, but are not… API Doc
 Abstract base class for a top-level window look and behavior policy. An instance of this class should be used as the top-level view added to the … API Doc
 The interface that apps use to talk to the window manager. Use Context.getSystemService(Context.WINDOW_SERVICE) to get one of these. Each… API Doc
 Describes the capabilities of a particular input device. Each input device may support multiple classes of input. For example, a multi-function … API Doc
 Helper class for receiving notifications from the SensorManager when the orientation of the device has changed.  API Doc