Package android.os

 Base class for a remotable object, the core part of a lightweight remote procedure call mechanism defined by IBinder. This class is an… API Doc
 A mapping from String values to various Parcelable types.  API Doc
 Enqueues chunks of data (from various sources -- application crashes, kernel log records, etc.). The queue is size bounded and will drop old data… API Doc
 A Handler allows you to send and process Message and Runnable objects associated with a thread's MessageQueue. Each Handler instance is… API Doc
 Class used to run a message loop for a thread. Threads by default do not have a message loop associated with them; to create one, call prepare()… API Doc
 Interface for classes whose instances can be written to and restored from a Parcel. Classes implementing the Parcelable interface must also have… API Doc
 A simple pattern matcher, which is safe to use on untrusted data: it does not provide full reg-exp support, only simple globbing that can not be … API Doc
 A wake lock is a mechanism to indicate that your application needs to have the device stay on. Any application using a WakeLock must request the… API Doc
 The object you are calling has died, because its hosting process no longer exists.  API Doc
 An InputStream you can create on a ParcelFileDescriptor, which will take care of calling ParcelFileDescriptor.close() for you when the stream is… API Doc
 This class gives you control of the power state of the device. Device battery life will be significantly affected by the use of this API. Do… API Doc
 Representation of a user on the device.  API Doc
 Indicates the current status of the task. Each status will be set only once during the lifetime of a task.  API Doc
 StrictMode policy applied to all threads in the virtual machine's process. The policy is enabled by setVmPolicy(StrictMode.VmPolicy).  API Doc
 Describes the source of some work that may be done by someone else. Currently the public representation of what a work source is is not defined;… API Doc
 AsyncTask enables proper and easy use of the UI thread. This class allows to perform background operations and publish results on the UI thread… API Doc
 Information about the current build, extracted from system properties.  API Doc
 Provides the ability to cancel an operation in progress.  API Doc
 Class that implements the condition variable locking paradigm. This differs from the built-in java.lang.Object wait() and notify() in that this… API Doc
 Schedule a countdown until a time in the future, with regular notifications on intervals along the way. Example of showing a 30 second countdown… API Doc
 This class is used to retrieved various statistics about the memory mappings for this process. The returns info broken down by dalvik, native, and… API Doc
 Monitors files (using inotify) to fire an event after files are accessed or changed by by any process on the device (including this one). … API Doc
 Callback interface you can use when instantiating a Handler to avoid having to implement your own subclass of Handler. API Doc
 Handy class for starting a new thread that has a looper. The looper can then be used to create handler classes. Note that start() must still be… API Doc
 Base interface for a remotable object, the core part of a lightweight remote procedure call mechanism designed for high performance when … API Doc
 MemoryFile is a wrapper for the Linux ashmem driver. MemoryFiles are backed by shared memory, which can be optionally set to be purgeable. … API Doc
 Defines a message containing a description and arbitrary data object that can be sent to a Handler. This object contains two extra int fields and… API Doc
 Reference to a Handler, which others can use to send messages to it. This allows for the implementation of message-based communication across … API Doc
 Container for a message (data and object references) that can be sent through an IBinder. A Parcel can contain both flattened data that will be… API Doc
 The FileDescriptor returned by readFileDescriptor(), allowing you to close it when done with it.  API Doc
 This class is a Parcelable wrapper around UUID which is an immutable representation of a 128-bit universally unique identifier.  API Doc
 Interface that must be implemented and provided as a public CREATOR field that generates instances of your Parcelable class from a Parcel.  API Doc
 Parent exception for all Binder remote-invocation errors  API Doc
 Generic interface for receiving a callback result from someone. Use this by creating a subclass and implement onReceiveResult(int, Bundle), which… API Doc
 Retrieve overall information about the space on a filesystem. This is a wrapper for Unix statvfs().  API Doc
 Creates StrictMode.ThreadPolicy instances. Methods whose names start with detect specify what problems we should look for. Methods whose names… API Doc
 StrictMode policy applied to a certain thread. The policy is enabled by setThreadPolicy(StrictMode.ThreadPolicy). The current policy can be… API Doc
 Creates StrictMode.VmPolicy instances. Methods whose names start with detect specify what problems we should look for. Methods whose names start… API Doc
 Manages users and user details on a multi-user system.  API Doc
 Class that operates the vibrator on the device. If your process exits, any vibration you started with will stop.  API Doc
 Low-level class holding the list of messages to be dispatched by a Looper. Messages are not added directly to a MessageQueue, but rather through… API Doc

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