Class that answers queries about the state of network connectivity. It also notifies applications when network connectivity changes. Get an… API Doc
 The fine-grained state of a network connection. This level of detail is probably of interest to few applications. Most should use State instead.  API Doc
 Sanitizes the Query portion of a URL. Simple example: UrlQuerySanitizer sanitizer = new UrlQuerySanitizer(); … API Doc
 Coarse-grained network state. This is probably what most applications should use, rather than DetailedState. The mapping between the two is as… API Doc
 File-based cache of established SSL sessions. When re-establishing a connection to the same server, using an SSL session cache can save some… API Doc
 A simple object for retrieving the results of a DHCP request.  API Doc
 non-standard class for creating inbound UNIX-domain socket on the Android platform, this is created in the Linux non-filesystem namespace. On… API Doc
 Creates a (non-server) socket in the UNIX-domain namespace. The interface here is not entirely unlike that of  API Doc
 A UNIX-domain (AF_LOCAL) socket address. For use with and On the Android system, these… API Doc
 Describes the status of a network interface. Use getActiveNetworkInfo() to get an instance that represents the current network connection.  API Doc
 Helper class for building or manipulating URI references. Not safe for concurrent use. An absolute hierarchical URI reference follows the… API Doc
 Immutable URI reference. A URI reference includes a URI and a fragment, the component of the URI following a '#'. Builds and parses URI references … API Doc